A Steamexfire system is an inert gas generator, producing nitrogen and CO2, steam and water vapour. Blowing these products in an enclosed space, a fire can be suppressed by bringing down oxygen levels and temperature. Typical examples: silo, tunnel, underground coal mine, container, ship and cacao fires.

When the inert product with water vapor and steam is blown into a space in which a fire rages, the fire will be smothered by lack of oxygen and the heat will be drastically reduced. Eventually the fire will go out entirely. In jargon; two of the three elements from the fire triangle are eliminated. The Steamexfire can ultimately reduce the oxygen percentage in a closed space to 1% and keep it inert.

To make a space, such as an underground mine, closed, inflatable plugs are used.

The Steamexfire is placed outside the space where the fire is raging and is connected to the closed space with tubes or harmonica hose to blow in the inert product. The inertisation process is done from a safe place. This means in case of an underground coal mine fire, the Steamexfire system is placed on the surface and a ventilation shaft or bore-hole is used to guide the inert product to the affected area.

The system is often placed on a truck with its own fuel supply or on a temporary base.

Liberty Gasturbine Holland has  stand-by systems ready to deploy, 24/7.

Application area Steamexfire system:

  • Storage sheds
  • Silos
  • Tunnels
  • Underground structures, mines
  • Ship fires
  • Incineration plants
  • Preventive inertisation in general
  • Mechanical parking space

Benefits of Steamexfire system:

  • Attack team does not have to go inside
  • No infrastructure needed
  • Direct cooling effect, which means that construction can be saved a great deal
  • Very low water consumption
  • Inertisation reduces and eliminates the risk of explosion
  • Quickly deployable with simple operation

The first successful applications of a Steamexfire system were putting out coal mine fires in South Africa and on Spitsbergen.

in 2005

Basic Technical Specification:

Type Steamexfire Weight Length meter Water consumption Fuel consumption Production
300 1000 2.5 4 m3/hour 400 l/hour 3 m3/sec
1000 1800 7.0 10 1200 10
2500 4500 13.0 25 2250 22

Steamexfire 300

Steamexfire 1000

Steamexfire 2500