The function of a JetFogger is to vaporise large quantities of disinfecting fluid and blows this vapour over a long, wide distance to cover a large surface

For disinfecting large greenhouses and stalls, formalin or hydrogen peroxide is being used for example. The JetFogger can likely be used for fighting the oak processionary caterpillar.

The JetFogger is used to atomize / evaporate large quantities of liquid disinfectant / disinfectant. The machine can be used in various areas, for example in horticultural greenhouses, forest areas, poultry houses, warehouses and storage silos.

Due to the high airflow and air velocity produced by the gas turbine, the mist penetrates into all areas of the area to be decontaminated or the area. The natural whirl of the airflow from the turbine enhances this effect.

The JetFogger is usually placed on a trailer, but self-propelled units are also available.

Oak processionary caterpillar:

Control of the caterpillar is usually done by burning, sucking up this caterpillar and combating (environmentally friendly) pesticides. In addition to the above methods, these processes or a combination of these processes can be more effective with the JetFogger as shown above. The combination of the exhaust gas temperature and the large throw length can make the JetFogger the ultimate control method. For example, it is possible to drive at a reasonable speed over the emergency lane of a motorway and simultaneously point the JetFogger in such a way that a strip of trees can be sprayed with pesticides.

Advantages of the JetFogger:

  • The system works on average ten times faster than conventional systems
  • Work-friendly
  • Mobile system or self-driving unit
  • Fully automated control system
  • Safe through total system monitoring

Basic Technical Specification:

Weight: 600Kg (excluding vehicle)
Fuel consumption: 270 liters/min
Length: 2.5 meters
Width: 1.2 meters
Height: 1.4 meters