Maintenance and Service

The maintenance program of Liberty Gasturbine Holland relieves the end customer completely, from planning to final report. Our maintenance program has been developed based on 25 years of practical experience: program of Extensive Service and Inspection (PESI). From turbine parts to filters, from videoscope inspection to oil analysis, in short, the entire program under one roof.

Liberty Gasturbine Holland BV offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available anywhere in the world within 48 hours (depending on visas and flight connections).

Liberty Gasturbine Holland BV maintain long term, no nonsense, agreements with its suppliers. This guarantees continuity for service, spare parts and Research & Development

Customer support:

  • Videoscope service
  • Support at the workplace
  • Periodic visits at the workplace
  • Periodic testing of customer turbines in LGH’s own test cel
  • Technical training
  • Technical publications and manuals
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Test and support equipment
  • Digital exchange of data and software update


By means of a Program of Extensive Service and Inspection developed by Liberty Gasturbine Holland, a clear picture is obtained of the condition of a gas turbine or turbojet engine.

With a PESI, all critical points are checked, such as mountings of the motor, confirmation of electronic contacts, connections of oil and fuel, and a videoscope inspection of the combustion chamber and the rotating parts is carried out. During a possible test run, vibration is measured, among other things. Oil samples are also taken for analysis by a recognized laboratory. Our PESI program is based on mobile turbine applications.


Liberty Gasturbine Holland offers a videoscope service. We can carry out inspections on the interior of machines with a professional videoscope. After an inspection the client receives a report with photos or video material. If necessary, we can provide the report with a recommendation or conclusion. In addition to the inspection of turbines, we can carry out inspections and research in many different machines. Check our conditions.