Gasturbine driven ground applications

Our products

Turbine Response System

A TRS is a fog/ aerosol or mist generator producing a mist with throw lengths of up to 180 meters. Its main use is to suppress fires, cooling down objects and diluting toxic gasses.

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A Steamexfire is a high flow inert gas generator with unlimited production of inert gas for inertising enclosed spaces to supress fires, for example in underground mines, tunnels, etc.

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The SurfaceJet is a track dryer or road dryer for drying and heating up surfaces, melting ice and snow and preparation of tarmac and concrete for laying tarmac and other materials.

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Electric power generators driven by gas turbines are light and compact and therefor an ideal solution for emergency power supply. Example: 1.2 Megawatt on a trailer weighing 4000 Kg on diesel.

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Maintenance & Service

We carry out maintenance for gas turbines in ground applications. For this we have developed a maintenance program that completely relieves the end user.

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Special products

The use of gas turbines in ground applications leads to the constant development of new, innovative products that enable or simplifies the use of gas turbines in our machines.

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