Innovative gasturbine applications

Liberty Gasturbine Holland offer unique gasturbine applications. The Liberty group has 24 years of experience and is the only organisation in the world that specializes in mobile, ground use, gasturbine applications. A special designed digital control system allows operators to use our gasturbine applications without any comprehensive education.
The Turbine Response System (TRS) equipped with gasturbines from Liberty Gasturbine Holland.

Our products

steamexfire Steamexfire
a high flow inert gas generator with unlimited inert gas production for suppressing fires in enclosed spaces
Surface Jet SurfaceJet
for drying and heating of surfaces for airfields and the road construction industry
Powerpacks Power Packs
universal turbine driven modules with reduction of your choice
Generatoren Generators
drive units for alternators over 1 Megawatt
Jetfrogger JetFogger
a high flow desinfecting unit for large greenhouses and stables

Speciale producten Special products
turbine maintenance programms, videoscope inspection, technology for tunnel fires and turbine control systems

Latest news


Latest news